A Love of Art {a Passion for Design}




Creativity has followed Kim from the time she was a young girl sitting at an easel in a neighborhood garage art class—drawing "Lassie" with pastels. Ever since those carefree days art and design has been the inspiration for her life and career.

Earning a BFA from the School of Fine Art at Auburn University with a concentration in graphic design led to 10 years serving as a senior graphic designer in several corporations in the engineering and technology industries. After relocating with her husband from Florida to New Jersey she relished the flexibility of freelance work while raising a family. In 2014, Kim debuted her surface design collections at the Surtex art licensing show in New York City—an incredible learning experience.

Some have noted that there is an eclectic sophistication about her work. She will frequently start with an inked drawing, a painting, or collage inspired by nature or anything that has made an impression on her. She looks at trends and colors and then lets that simmer in the back of her mind while she comes up with fresh, fun  artwork that brings her joy. Combining traditional techniques and her extensive digital expertise leads to a growing range of vibrant designs. Kim is available for commissions, licensing and graphic design collaborations.