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James Corden reminds us that the truest success comes from JOY.

Have you seen any of his Carpool Karaoke videos?

I swear they are SO fun to watch that I'll watch some of them several times just to experience it. That JOY I heard James reference in an NPR interview this afternoon. He explained that he believes these videos have blown up on the internet because there is real joy in that car for both James and the celebrity passenger. People love to see pure joy. And they will share it and they will come back for more. Here is everyone's favorite car ride:

Not only do viewers love it—the celebrities all want to experience this carpool karaoke with James Corden! He says they are all wanting to do it! And he is SO happy to oblige. It's a dream come true for James, who has always wanted to perform—he is living his dream in the car and on stage with his network show, "The Late Late Show" on CBS. So— Why am I sharing this!? WELL, it reminded me of Lilla Roger's motto that "People Buy Your Joy!" And I thought—it's true for EVERYTHING. Even if people aren't actually "buying" something, they are paying with their time, attention, and love to experience the JOY you are offering up. This lesson can apply in all walks of life. Me, with my artwork—even on my blog in what I write about and share. My kids should remember it at school everyday—people don't want to be around a sourpuss—an unhappy, sad face. They are attracted to a JOYFUL spirit!

And we can all use a little dose of it—everyday.

Here's to JOY! Thanks James!

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