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Studio Art Table Scene, Kim Moulder, Abstract Artist
This is what I love to do.

I have always envisioned a future life where I painted for a living.

Throughout my 30 year career as a designer, I lived with an insatiable desire to create. For years my painting practice ebbed and flowed, and, today I am acting on my desire in a way that requires me to paint in a disciplined way and pushes me to make my work accessible to whoever may be drawn to it. The goal is to connect with those who will find joy living with the work. 

Kim Moulder, American Abstract Artist

Will you experience even little bit of the joy I feel when I create these paintings?

That is my hope. xo

Three Wishes - abstract painting by Kim Moulder
Painting at an easel in the open garage of my art teacher's home at age 11 was the first time I felt it.

That lost and found feeling one gets when they love what they are doing. Ever since, I've been chasing that state of being. Always exploring, testing and trying. I'm so lucky to have found several paths to that place. The path that led to these paintings was paved with many years as a graphic designer, artist, and illustrator.
Things have come full circle since those early years in that art teacher's studio. I feel as though my muse has been found again. 💜

Owning a piece of original art can be a way to connect with your own muse. Just catching sight of a beautiful painting in your home each day can awaken you to inspired living. It's easier than ever to own original artworks—and even more, to personally 'know' the artist who makes them.  Have a question? Let me know!

Studio Scene, Paint Brushes, Kim Moulder

I've found an amazing community on instagram where I find inspiration, encouragement and a way to share my daily progress and new work.


I'd love for you to follow along on my journey. Connect and comment and be the first to see and have the opportunity to purchase new work.


Kim Moulder, Contemporary Abstract Artist in her studio
Studio Scene, Paint Brushes in front of painting by American Artist, Kim Moulder
Tranquil Departure by Kim Moulder

The approach I take to painting can start with words, a feeling, a photograph of flowers or landscape, a color combination that excites me, or a collage element that I particularly like.


The work evolves from there and I never know where it will end up. I lay down the beginning layers with paint or collage and this guides the color and feel of the piece from the very beginning. Spontaneity can take it in new directions. That is exciting to me because I never know exactly what to expect. 

When I'm working in my studio—color, paint, and surface all begin to sing as the piece progresses. Often I get lost in the process—but really, I'm finding myself again and again.

I completed my BFA, in the School of Fine Art at Auburn University with a concentration in Graphic Design. I have worked as a designer for over 30 years while exploring illustration and fine art painting in different mediums. I take full advantage of many opportunities to learn from other artists and I love to to share my own experience.


Kim's primary art was watercolor in the early 2000s and 2010s and had a very unique style.. She showed and sold her work locally in many shows and venues during that time. In 2011, she started exploring abstract collage and in the next few years did several series of small paintings in this style, which directly led to her exploration into abstract expressionist painting today.


While raising her family along with her husband, she has worked from home as a freelance graphic and web designer and spent time exploring surface pattern design with a ten week intensive course which led to showing at an international surface design trade show in NYC in 2014. Since then, Kim has continued with design work—but more recently has focused her attention on her daily painting practice and art business. 


May/June 2023

Chamber's Walk on Lawrenceville Main Street.

Solo Show

May 5 - May 27 2023 

ArtSpace of HomeFront. 

Palmer Square,
Princeton, NJ

Our annual fundraiser, ArtJam, is a curated pop-up art gallery with all proceeds raised supporting HomeFront's ArtSpace program, designed to help our most vulnerable neighbors in Central NJ break their cycle of poverty.


Jun 12, 2021 - Jul 10, 2021

Lawrenceville Main Street's

Windows of Hope Art Exhibit Competition Group Show,  
Lawrenceville Starbucks, NJ

.6 paintings

November 15 to
December 17, 2020 

Rooted to Hope 

The Stamford Art Association & Quinn Whelan. Curated by Benice Horowitz, award winning painter and teacher.

1 painting

November 2019

25th Anniversary Rutgers Master Gardeners of Mercer County Community Art Show.

2 paintings 

Willow of the Wisps by Kim Moulder
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