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These paintings are what is left of the pandemic for me. In the weeks before everything shut down in March of 2020, we were waiting for our new passports to arrive so that we could go on our first trip abroad in the Spring. Instead, we were all home together—kids in their rooms, husband in his new living room/office and me in my studio off the kitchen. I didn’t know it while painting these in 2022 and early this year, but now I see that they represent those journeys not taken.

Some of these paintings have an atmospheric quality to them—maybe you could step into that world and be surrounded by the beautiful light and the intriguing darks, lines and shapes layered over again and again.

As I look deeply I feel as if I am on a precipice and I can plunge into the history. It feels exciting and curious. I can see through and beyond what is on the surface. I find that thrilling. There might be echoes of places and things I never saw but hope one day to experience fully.

These are my unexpected traveling mercies.