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Tidy up in the studio. The "After."

This is a before and after story.

So—here it is! My 'after' picture! It's a real change from the before! What do you think?

You'll have to look back at my previous post showing the "before" pictures to appreciate how much I did. It took me days—well more than a week, really. But—I'm very happy with the result and I feel calmer. It's so much easier to get in there and do the things I want to do.

This is my new office/design area. It's so great now because I have the whole room set up in zones. Here I have my printer next to my computer and my small file cabinets. Everything is neater and has a home. The desk is bigger and more comfortable. It was not being utilized well before as it only had the printer and a bunch of mailing stuff which I've moved over to the reorganized shelves on the right. My old desk I had been using has been taken apart and moved to the basement for the time being. It is special as it was my great-uncle's and I remember it in his room when I was a child. So—someday I'll find a new home for it. But, I will say! This room has so much more room with two desks instead of three! (duh!)

Picture Ledges

This is my new picture ledge wall. I painted the wall white in this 'hunter green' room. I love this as I can now prop up paintings to look at them from a distance as well as display new paintings. You can see below how I painted—quite lazy, as I didn't finish to the corner. (isn't that awful!?) I just got really tired and wanted to be done. But, I will go back and finish to the corner at some point soon. Maybe I'll go all the way to the right corner as well. Then, I'll choose a better color to paint the rest of the room. I may do this in the summer. Any suggestions of colors to replace the green? Please, do let me know down in the comments if you have any ideas.


I've moved the big file cabinet so it's easier to get into, filed all the stacks of papers, and my other small printer still sits a top of it. I can store my cardboard mailing folders to the right of the cabinet along with canvas, etc. It might be a great idea to build something to fit that spot that goes up to the ceiling to hold more canvases and paintings... Just got that bright idea! Brilliant!


The last thing I did was get brighter, cool white lights for the chandelier. I thought about getting a new light fixture but couldn't find anything I liked. —Suggestions? Would love to see those in the comments too! The light is much better though—especially at night.

Met My Goal!

So, in my original post, THE GOAL was to be able to move without stepping over or scooting around things. And, to have space cleared off for work that I need and want to do. I reached these goals and checked-off the checklist. My reward is the ability to get in here and make more art. YAY!

So, after months and months of stepping around things and trying to ignore the mess, I am in a much better place. Physically, and mentally. Hopefully artistically too! ❤️

Now—let's see how long this will last! :) Again—wish me luck!

xo, Kim

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