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Using mixed media when making art is engaging and exciting! The entire time that I’m creating a mixed media painting or collage piece I am constantly pondering and considering. In everything I read, and in everything that catches my attention in everyday life—ideas and imagery surface. I open a book to any page and read a passage. I flip through a book of poetry until the glint of a word stops me. Then, at my table I begin telling the story of what these words mean to me. I tell it with color and paper—with things that have the shape and the texture of what the words have become.

Migration 6"x6" Mixed media on canvas by Kim Moulder

It’s cathartic. As the time flies by, I feel like I’m soaring. My happiness is warm and glowing as I work. It’s my therapy.

You can purchase a print of the two paintings pictured here in several sizes on my web shop at Originals are available by contacting me directly.

Sublime 6"x6" Mixed media on canvas by Kim moulder

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