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Psst! There is new collection of "little" paintings in my shop!

yay! :-) xo

I've been promising to put these little paintings for sale on my website for quite a while. Finally, it's summer and the perfect time to freshen up my shop with new work!

Have a look below and here on my shop to see more.

I'm excited to present this small collection of 6x6 inch paintings. Full energy and intrigue. They are matted in a 10x10 in. mats, ready to drop into a frame. These little gems can immediately brighten and enhance a small corner of any room or wall in your home.

The Minuet Collection

A grouping of four or more of these paintings can be really striking! With that yellow vase—LOVE IT!

You can get a closer look at them and see a few more here.

I'm calling these paintings The Minuet Collection, because that's how I see them. They are a "little dance." Some of them have musical collage elements and some have titles that reference the sound of music. I hope you enjoy having a look at them as much as I had painting them.

These small paintings will come in a crisp white mat with a backing board. Shipping is free to the U.S. Contact me if you are somewhere else in the world and I can bill you separately for international shipping. Any orders Monday afternoon through 6/20 will be shipped out on 6/21.

As summer moves into autumn I'll be releasing another collection. 12 or more paintings—each 12x12 in. on wooden boards. They'll be framed in wooden float frames, ready to hang. I'll be finishing them up the rest of the summer and giving some peeks at some of the finished ones on Instagram. I'm really excited about them and can't wait to share them!

If you would like to see the progress of my new collection or have questions about this one, follow along and connect on instagram here: @kimmoulderart

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