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I wrote this on my trip down South at Christmas. Just now getting it posted! Hope you enjoy!!

It's Christmas Eve! Traveling gives me time to enjoy my books and magazines and to do some thinking. (especially since hubby is driving—I love when he drives!) I have a lot of time to do that today and I got inspired to share some of my thoughts here. I read a story in my new "Where Women Create" about Belinda Fireman from Alberta, Canada.

Artwork by Belinda Fireman
Artwork by Belinda Fireman

I related to her right away in the first few paragraphs, and after exploring her blog online I found that the theme of sketchbook journaling came up again! She, like Jennifer, took up the discipline and also found it to be an ongoing growth experience. I have tried to take up this practice but haven't been

successfully consistent yet. But I hope to make that more of a priority this year—along with blogging! :)

I love the color and vitality in Belinda's work. The exploration and quirkiness. Fearlessness! Here are some bits I took from reading through a few of her blog posts and her magazine article:

1) Listen to the voice!

Don't ignore the voice of 'art' whispering to YOU. She says, "Thinking about creating art is not the same as creating art..."

2) Let it be.

Allow your story to 'be' what it is, hear what the voices are telling you: "you're not good enough." "You can't keep up." "Who do you think you are?" Hear them. They will always be there—but know that you have a choice in how to react to those thoughts.

3) Don't stop.

Keep working and trying and sharing.

4) Cozy up to your blog.

A lesson she took from a class she participated in where she realized what her blog should be—and this–this is eye-opening for me— Your blog should be a place that is like your living room. Inviting, warm, a place where someone might feel welcome and can get familiar with who you are. Like sitting on a cozy couch sipping a cup of tea!

So far I have not been very comfortable with sharing all about me on a blog for all to see—I just feel exposed. But after reading this I've realized how I should look at this (light-bulb moment! Ding! ;) If you are interested enough to be reading what I have to say, then you may be someone who shares my passions, goals, interests as well as my fears and self-doubt. You are probably someone I'd spend hours chatting with anyway.

I think this is a great way to think about what I talk about and share on my blog. I am going to try to think this way in 2015 and see where it takes the Flit&Fly blog!

You can visit and find out more about Belinda on her blog here. (and you should!) I really enjoyed my visit—Her couch is comfy!

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