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I've been inspired by my friend Jennifer Orkin Lewisand her daily sketchbook practice. I had the great pleasure of meeting and going to dinner with Jennifer when I was in NYC exhibiting for Surtex.

Artist's sketchbook - Jennifer Orkin Lewis
Jennifer Orkin Lewis's Daily Sketchbook.

Jennifer spends 30 minutes a day painting or drawing in a sketchbook and then posts them on her Instagram. She made this commitment over a year ago and has been so successful that she's even gotten a few jobs from sharing! I'm really in awe of her dedication and bravery.

Link to Jennifer's instagram! Follow her amazing journey there. (Update: 2021)You will want to see what lies inside these sketchbooks! Her instagram account boasts over 3700 posts and over 175K followers in August. She has had an exploding career since I wrote this post in 2014.

She was interviewed the other day on Design Observer and I enjoyed reading about her process and experience so much!

Check it out here: Hunter | Gatherer: Illustration Sketchbooks, Part III.

Jennifer has also written on her blog about her sketchbook project. It is very informative and so fun to see. My Sketchbook: How I do it. I have to admit that I'm scared to make a commitment such as this for fear of disappointing myself. . . I know how I am. I guess it's a good thing to know thyself. So I've decided I'll commit to trying—probably cultivating this practice will not only help me to know myself better—it will be a lesson in discipline. One I could use for sure! Do you keep a sketchbook or journal? How do you keep your daily commitment to the practice?

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